Final fettle of the year

Today marks the end of 2015 and also the last bit of work I have undertaken on Ruy.

As festive activities also took priority, the work to remove the front wings and bumper took place over a couple of days but wasn’t much more than three hours.

Despite a few bolts that sheared off, the removal of the front wings was pretty pain free.  All the wiring was labelled and bagged to prevent water ingress.

With the wings removed, I have a better view of the front end and the body work issues there seem to be.

The only frustrating element was after hanging the offside front wing up for storage, it fell onto the floor and has dented.  I will consider whether I need new wings as part of the longer restoration but I think my mind may already be made up!

2016 has much more in store for Ruy and I hope to share as much of it with you as I can.

Happy New Year!


Festive fettling

Today I managed to get outside and do some work on Ruy.  It had been a while, what with Christmas festivities, shopping and a spot of cough and cold but I thought that it was time to get on a get some more parts of the car off and bagged and tagged.

Having labelled all the electrical connections, I removed the rear light clusters.  I then set to removing the rear bumper and towbar- and thought I would be able to remove it all on one go!  I did eventually but it was very heavy and needed one wing to be removed to get the chassis mounts out!  This was easier than dismantling the tow bar though, which was rock solid and will need some WD40 and elbow grease to take apart.

Once the bumper was off, the other wing came off pretty easily.  The only downside being a couple of the bolts shearing off, as you can see in the photos below.

After Christmas I will get on with the front end!