We have lift off!

This weekend has turned out to be both productive and historic.

On yesterday’s post I detailed how I had gone through the last few things needed to enable the body to be lifted off the chassis.  After a text conversation with one of the sages of Splitterz Cambridge, Sunday afternoon was going to be the “lets check over everything to make sure nothing will catch you out” session.

So, when Fran (the sage) arrived, I was expecting a cursory walk around the car to say “this needs doing” and I was going to write a list.

As it turned out, I had done everything I could.  All that the final furlong boiled down to was a couple of tough bolts that needed persuading and then the body would lift off…..

….After grinding and bashing our way through several areas of weld that had permanently joined body to chassis.  Now I can’t complain, as over the 20 years that I have had the car, and before, work has been done to get the car through an MOT, not to make it look pretty.  Every weld served a purpose but for this restoration, they had to be cut through.  Lets just hope that nothing serious lurks beneath!

I would never have noticed most of these joints had Fran not showed me where they were and why they were problematic, so I am extremely grateful to him for his help – and his angle grinder, long bits of wood and perseverance!!

As you can see from the photos, a good couple of hours hard graft meant the body could be lifted for the first time in 42 years.  That in itself is an historic moment and I am pleased that I was able to see it and help to do it!

Now all I need is four strong friends to help me lift the body and store it, so I can crack on with stripping the chassis and cleaning it ready for any remedial work before new floor pans and powder coating!

One comment

  1. Jane Twitchett · February 29, 2016

    A very eloquent report. Keep persevering.


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