Hail stops play!

Today I managed to get a few extra bits done on the car as I count down the days until the strong man team can help lift the body off.

I thought I would try and remove the padded dash, speedo, glovebox and wiper motor.  However, I only got so far, as the heavens opened and it hailed heavily.

I was extra careful in removing the padded dash, so I didn’t rip or split any of it.  There are a couple of old splits which will need attention but I managed to remove it without much fuss.

The speedo was removed easily and I was careful to label everything, so the wiring makes sense!

I need to read up on how to remove the fresh air vents which will then enable me to remove the wiper motor.

I will try and get this task done next weekend.

One comment

  1. Ian H-G · March 6, 2016

    Anything you can do to reduce weight is good. Labling, photos, more ladling and a few more photos; you just can’t do enough labelling or take too many photos, especially when you’re stripping the car,


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