What is original?

Now that the body and chassis are apart, I am turning my attention the difficult decisions, before tackling the cleaning and sorting of parts.

Volkszone Interactive (VZi) is the forum for the VW scene.  It has a wealth of knowledge and knowledgeable people, so I have been tapping into that resource to ask questions on things I am not sure about.

One of my niggling concerns is about how to re-trim the interior.  As such I posted up the photo of my interior, which I understood to be original.  It turns out, that it isn’t!

So, I have a conundrum.  Do I do as I promised and return RUY to the condition he was in when he rolled out of the show room, or do I restore him to how I know him to be?

At the moment, I have the belief that unless things are being altered for safety (such as rear disc brake conversion, additional wiring for fuel pumps etc.) that I want RUY to be original.  But I am torn by the fact that the current interior is unique as far as I can tell and that makes Ruy all the more special.

So, what should I do?


One comment

  1. H-G · March 24, 2016

    Ultimately the choice is your but:

    While not concours de elegance trophy winning original, the seats original for the time that you have owned RUY. To change them would change his character and I’m not sure that you (or he) would like that.

    Re the brakes,changing to rear disks will not be any ‘safer’ than your current drum set up, so unless you are planning to fit a big stroker engine, hoon around at high speed and be constanty braking very heavily, leave them as they are, retain that originality and spend those pennies elsewhere.


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