What goes around comes around

During my formative years working in an independent sports shop, we would regularly take on work experience kids from the local schools.  It was regular practice to send the work experience kid off on errands to pass the time.  The usual tasks were often added to with searches for sky hooks for the displays.

One particular favourite of ours was to tip off the JJB Sports store that we would send our kid up to them shortly and ask them to keep them on for a time, just waiting.  I am sure you can see where this is going – it was much fun and jollity when the kid finally twigged what had happened.

A long weight is not quite what it says on the tin….

Any way, I think karma has struck back.  I am now in the frustrating position of waiting a long time for any progress with Ruy.  I have done all I can – the loom is off being built and the chassis and body await a slot at Mid Norfolk Car Company*, which won’t happen until January.

This isn’t too much of a problem, as I am back studying again but a lack of progress leads to more questions than I have answers.  I am currently wrestling with how to protect the body work once everything is finished – waxoyl, stonechip protection, dinitrol, seam sealant and such.

Hopefully, the new year will see more progress!

*The reason for the long wait is that a fellow Splitterz member has his Split Screen Van with Paul.  It has been there a while as it needs a lot of love.  I can’t complain – the standard of work is exceptional!