A beetle in a van? What on earth??

Today marked a major milestone in the restoration of Ruy.  I paid a visit to Mid Norfolk Car Company in Swaffham and was accompanied by one special guest.  I say one- what I mean is a collection of bodywork that together resembles almost a complete Ruy!

Last night I had help from fellow dubbers Fran, Andy, Lee, Heyden, Mark, Josh and Dan to help lift Ruy’s body back over the fence from his winter home and into a Luton van, along with wings, doors, chassis and replacement panels.

A beetle in a van!

It was a trip filled with anticipation and some amount trepidation.  Following last summer’s attempt to match up body and chassis I was worried that things weren’t good and extra work would be needed.  I was also slightly concerned by the amount of body work required.

When I arrived, Paul, who runs MNCC, and his gang helped me unload and then he had a good look around the body and was pleasantly surprised by the relatively good condition of the body work.  He allayed a number of fears I had and his initial thoughts were quite positive!

Ruy parked up at MNCC

We then refitted body and chassis together and again, Paul felt that there was little wrong with the work already done and that everything should be fine.  He will have a more detailed look in due course but fingers crossed I can crack on with the chassis coating and rebuild relatively sooner.

So right now, I am feeling pretty happy about the work to be done!  I am aware there will be trials and tribulations along the way, and that Paul will find more things that need doing as he strips the body back but we will take those on as and when we come across them!

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  1. Mum · April 20, 2017

    Good news, you mist be feeling relieved.


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