The rebuild gathers pace

Firstly, a confession.  I have been poor at keeping up with the blog.  There, I said it.

Secondly, an update, seeing as that is what the blog is really for!  Progress has been like the foxtrot.  Slow, slow, quick, quick slow!  The cold weather and lack of gearbox halted proceedings for a while, as did that pesky pedal assembly!

It seems the “quality” floor pans are anything but.  The steel is good and thick but the press is not deep enough, so the pedal assembly sits too high, thus rubbing on the tunnel.  I am having to fashion a suitable end bracket to remove this issue.  Work is still ongoing in this regard.

As for the chassis, I ran through the clutch cable, cleaned up bolts and then got to fitting a borrowed beam so I could get wheels on and have a rolling chassis ready for the body.

Then, last weekend, I was able to pick up the gearbox following its recondition.  It looks great and I hope is nice and smooth- although only time will tell on that!  This week Fran (from Splitterz) and I fitted the gearbox back to the chassis, with its new mounts front and back.  We then tried to fit the spring plates but even out combined weight wasn’t enough to prevent the chassis lifting when we jacked up the spring plate!

I was able to refit the gear selector shaft and fit that to the gearbox.  It seems from a test that I have all four gears and reverse but it may need some fine tuning!

All of this progress has been because I received news of developments with the body work… see for yourself….